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Spa At Home

The Home Spa area includes Jabodetabek, because we currently have 5 Service Points on :

  1. Jakarta Timur
  2. Jakarta Utara
  3. Jakarta Barat
  4. Bintaro
  5. Depok 
  6. Bogor
  7. Bekasi
  8. Serpong 
  9. Pekanbaru 

InshaAllah with therapist services that are experienced and have competency certificates in the field of SPA. We provide hair-to-toe treatment. Salon & SPA care for women and their families. We also have treatments that bring local wisdom to Indonesian culture. We have Typical Javanese, Batak and Betawi treatments. The various treatments that we offer can help relax women, especially those who are tired of a day of activities or going home from traveling.

For those who want to become SPA Therapist / SPA Trainer / SPaPreuner can study at Aleenahoz Beauty Or you want to be our partner as the owner of Aleena Home Spa in your area. And even then it can.

Aleenahoz Beauty

Established in 2013 under the management of PT Pratama, the beauty is primed in accordance with Indonesian tradition, by using natural beauty care products to minimize the possibility of allergies.

Supported by certified and experienced experts and therapists, we are committed to always developing innovative and creative business concepts. Our business units are integrated, namely: Salon and Spa, Home Spa (Mobile Spa), as well as Spa and Beauty training.

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Aleenahoz Beauty